Monday, 10 April 2017

When Is The Best Time To Visit Vegas?

las vegas party Las Vegas is one of the largest tourist hubs in America for good reason.  Dubbed sin city because of the plethora of casinos, bars, and clubs, Vegas has always burned brightly in the imagination of Americans and global travellers looking to let a bit of steam off and try their luck at fortune.  Of course it’s not only the debauchery that people crave – it’s also the grandiosity and glamor that can be felt walking down the strip or sitting in the patio of the Hyde Hotel.  Las Vegas is larger than life, and that’s why people love to travel there. 

For those interested in booking a trip, it’s worth considering what time of year is best.  Unlike most popular travel destinations, Las Vegas does not have a high season and a low season.  Costs in Vegas are determined by events (either sport or conventions) that bring people into the city.  So, traveller’s that have the flexibility should take advantage of the lower air fare and hotel prices on a weekend when there are no major sporting events going on.   

Summer Time Is Still Affordable

las vegas party The upside of travelling to Vegas is that there are always relatively affordable flight deals.  The general recommendation is to travel between May and September/October because the city will be in full bloom and the prices are reasonable.  While the best time to go is clearly subjective, it is certainly worth experiencing the Strip on a steaming hot July evening.

Spring Is Expensive Because Of All The Events

Vegas gets popular around big sporting events or conventions each year.  The week before one of these events prices will go up.  Of course the bigger the event the more expensive prices will be – even in the colder months.  That means planning a trip in February might backfire if it falls on Super Bowl weekend.

las vegas party

March is usually the busiest month in Vegas because the climate is warmer and there is March Madness, Spring Break, NASCAR, and COMDEX all happening in quick succession. 

Fall Is Cheapest

las vegas party For those looking to las vegas party on a the cheap, consider travelling between September to New Years.  The city calms down in these months because there are no major events, and the cooling weather makes it possible to walk across the Strip in the daytime without having to lather up with SPF 50 sun tan lotion.  January-February, on the other hand, is rather uncomfortable, as temperatures fall to around 43-50 degrees Fahrenheit.  That being said, saving money on the flights will leave more cash to spend at the casinos or one of the amazing clubs!

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